70+ dead turtles found in a lagoon in Managua, Nicaragua

The more than 70 turtles that appeared dead in the last few days could be due to the presence of algae in the Laguna de Tiscapa, which is located in the center of Managua, revealed experts from the Ministry of the environment and natural resources of Nicaragua.
“We are carrying out autopsies to see what you can find, we are believing that feeding them decaying algae product is what is affecting”, said Juan Ramón Campos, delegate of MARENA.
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“To do the laboratory analysis both in the digestive system of these turtles alive even the level of toxicity that have these algae, contaminants can be but remember that there are nutrients that are forming”, said the environmentalist Kamilo Lara.
They pointed out that you between 25 and 26 March took a tour together with authorities of the mayoralty of Managua, 5 dead turtles found in the same.
Despite this the presence of algae hypothesis indicated that they will continue with inquiries through tests that to analyze the quality of the water.
These tests would be making them specialists of the Nicaraguan company of water and sewerage systems, ENACAL, of equal form will ask engineers hydrologists if the affectation of the phenomenon called thermal inversion that occurred at the end of December 2016 in the Asososca lagoon also managed to affect Tiscapa.
They pointed out that a special team of scientists will be permanently in the lagoon if appears another dead turtle, they have the orientation of informing higher authorities for examination in their tissues that could reveal the origins of the deaths of these species.
Courtesy of tn8.tv

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