Thousands of dead fish found in a lake in Coahuila, Mexico

In the pond known as “Los Pocitos” ejido El Aguila thousands of fish died of the natural mojarra species, reason why the ejidal commissariat Gorgonio de León Ramirez asked the municipal and state authorities to investigate the causes of Ecocide
The director of Public Safety, Humberto Rodríguez García, went to the rural area located 10 kilometers from the municipal head to inspect the area and take samples of water and fish.
It was accompanied by elements of Civil Protection, who moved in a vehicle of the municipality and later walked more than 200 meters to reach the pond.
As the authorities were unable to determine the causes that are causing the massive death of fish, they decided to prohibit the use of water and fishing activities, since many people are engaged in the extraction of mojarras for sale and personal consumption.
The ejidatarios fear that the water is contaminated and that they can not make use of the pond in the next months, situation that would affect his cattle.
Humberto Rodríguez informed that the samples will be sent to environmental authorities to investigate what happened in the ejido.
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