Thousands of of fish have died ‘a mystery’ in a lagoon in Miches, Dominican Republic

Thousands of tilapia and catfish have died strangely in the Laguna Redonda scientific reserve in the coastal Miches municipality, a situation being investigated by technicians from the National Directorate of Protected Areas of the Ministry of the Environment and Natural resources.
Due to the seriousness of the incident, personnel from the National Directorate of Protected Areas, who manage the area, have come to the site in order to determine, through a field study, the possible causes that are causing the mass death of the fishes.
According to the Ministry of the Environment, there are several reasons that could lead to the death of fish, the first being that the oxygen level of the water may occasionally fall due to the introduction of water from runoff that brings with it high levels of matter Organic.
So far the information obtained shows that this event has occurred naturally on several occasions, according to local fishermen.
In addition rainfall and cloudiness also lower oxygen levels. On the eastern margin of the lagoon there is a large rice project and when it rains it floods overflowing with chemical residues that may also affect the parameters that govern water quality, such as dissolved oxygen, electrical conductivity, Ph, chemical demand of Oxygen, among other factors that affect the life of the aquatic fauna. Today, dead fish from the lake continue to float on Saturday.
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