100 TONS of fish die in lake Kunashak in Russia

Lake Kunashak is located 84 kilometers from Chelyabinsk, its area is 235 hectares. Representatives of the Mayak-57 Heritage organization reported on the ecological catastrophe on the pond. According to volunteer environmentalists, the culprit is a local tenant who poisoned the carp, carp and perch to populate the lake with larvae of more expensive and valuable species. The estimated volume of dead fish is about 100 tons.
For its part, the tenant shifts the blame on the road builders, who in the summer of 2016 built a bypass channel in the water protection zone. As a result, the water level in the pond fell to 1.5 meters, and in the winter the lake remained very shallow. In November, the air temperature dropped to -30-42 ° C, and the fish froze, and in the spring, when the ice melt, it surfaced.
The prosecutor’s office began to check the facts. To date, the Rosselkhoznadzor experts have determined that no poisonous substances have been found in the lake. From the surface of the lake the fish has already been harvested and will now be buried in the cattle graveyard on the territory of the Kunashak district.
Courtesy of nat-geo.ru

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