Large number of dead fish found in a river in Guangxi, China

As of late April, Yongjiang has a large number of dead fish in Nanning, Guangxi. The recent increase in temperature, dead fish has been rotting and emitting a stench.
“Nanning Evening News” reported on April 30, in Nanning City, Guangxi Yongjiang Jiangwan Department, the river floating numerous dead fish , part of the dead fish has been rotten, stinky nose, part of the river rushed to the shore of the dead fish has been sun dried The
Residents Mr. Gao reflects the Yongjiang gourd trip to the riverside hospital river section, suddenly a large area of ​​”dead fish belt”, and said he was fishing in the Yongjiang River for several years, and never seen this situation. “It was a pity, and there were so many dead fish in the river, and I did not dare to go fishing here.”
Living in the vicinity of Mr. Cai said: “Yongning River side of a large number of dead fish, it is estimated that there are thousands of pounds, the taste is very unpleasant, we basically did not dare to window, and now the weather is hot, daily life are affected.” Questioned the relevant departments do not early these dead fish salvaged buried, hope not to affect the Yongjiang water quality.
Gushi tripod bridge in the lower reaches of the river can be seen floating on many small white spots, near to see is a section of the white belly of the dead fish. In the shallow side of the river along the edge of the stone, a large dead fish through the sun exposure, has issued an unpleasant stench, dead fish have carp, carp, grass carp and so on. These dead fish are basically distributed in the gourd trip to Jiangbin Hospital Jiangbei side of the river side, arranged more than 100 meters long.
Embankment on a worker also said that in late April to see the river on the floating floating fish, the past week, the river on the dead fish more and more, the vast expanse of white. Although the river has garbage, but there is no oil phenomenon, it is difficult to speculate that a large number of dead fish reasons.
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