Mass die off of fish along 3km of river in Quang Nam, Vietnam

A few days ago, many people living along the Da Mai canal (Dai Thang commune, Dai Loc district, Quang Nam), are very worried when the water suddenly blackened, stinky smell that caused fish to die. series.
According to the observation of the PV, the water in the channel Da Mai black opaque, foul smell stinks. Many types of tilapia, carps, sesame … are dead white in the mass, floating on the water, but no unit to collect or any move.
Many areas of dead fish are thick, drifting to the shore forming large plates. Not only small fish, many types of fish weighing nearly 1kg also die and are in the process of decomposition, for unknown reasons. This phenomenon has a serious impact on the environment and activities of local people and also cause concern when water slit flow into Thu Bon River downstream.
According to Nguyen Thanh Hai – Head of Xuan Nam village – said, the phenomenon of abnormally dead fish began to occur from 26/4 past. Only one day after the fish began to die mass, floating white area in the channel Da Mai in large numbers, stretching nearly 3 km, the phenomenon of dead fish has not stopped.
According to the initial public opinion, the black water Khe Mang can lead to mass death of fish can involve the discharge of the plant more than 10 km away, where watershed watersheds.
The head of the village Nguyen Thanh Hai said, factories often discharge but never when the situation is as serious today. Local people have repeatedly submitted petitions but have not been resolved.
It is known that Xuan Nam village has 197 households with 609 people, most of the people living along the water channel Da Mai. Fear of polluted water, people have switched to buy potable water.
After the death of fish, Ho Ngoc Man – vice president of Dai Loc district – went to the site to check, record the situation and take two samples in two positions, including 1 sample where the factory is discharging and Another sample in the Da Mai canal area where the fish died and sent samples for testing to find out the cause.
There are no conclusions from the authorities about the incident.
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