Thousands of dead fish found floating in the Yarkon River in Israel

Over the past few days, residents who live near the Yarkon River have been waking up to a concerning sight. Prolonged pollution and the flow of sewage into the river have caused the death of thousands of fish.
“It looks like the Plagues of Egypt,” stated Moti Elmalich, the head of the Yarkon Neighbors society. “From a restored river, the Yarkon is going back to being an open sewage channel in the center [of Israel]. All of the efforts to restore the river have been lost.” Elmalich said that the authorities are aware of the pollution problem regarding the river.
The Yarkon River Authority stated in response: “We’re doing everything possible to reduce the sanitary and ecological damage. Right now, the acute problem is the flow of raw sewage due to a problem in the sewage line that leads to the southern Sharon sewage treatment facility.”
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