Qantas passengers terrified as plane engine ‘blew up in flames’ on way to Melbourne

Nearly two hours after the aircraft took off from Los Angeles International Airport, the pilot was forced to turn around and land.
Australian Transport Safety Bureau spokesman Michael Walker confirmed the Qantas flight was forced to land.
“We have been notified of a Qantas flight that took off from Los Angeles and experienced severe engine troubles and was forced to return to Los Angeles International Airport,” he told the Sunday Herald Sun.
A passenger, who asked to remain anonymous, told the publication the “engine blew up in flames two hours into the flight”.
“The plane was then turned back and landed safely but multiple fire trucks were lining the runway when we landed,” the passenger said.
480 passengers were on board the QF94 A480 flight when the pilot was notified that an engine was losing power.
“Friday night’s (local time) QF94 A380 service from Los Angeles to Melbourne turned back to LA because of an issue with one of the aircraft’s four engine,” Qantas spokesman Thomas Woodward said.
“The pilots followed standard procedure, shut down the engine, and the flight landed normally in LA at around 3am local time on Saturday. Engineers are now inspecting the aircraft”.
Passengers had no option but to wait until a replacement flight was available, which was set for midday local time, Mr Woodward said.
Passenger Darren Sudgen described the terrifying moment the engine caught fire.
“There was an explosion from outside. We saw flames and sparks flying past the window,” Mr Sudgen said.
He also said Qantas staff asked passengers to stay the night inside LAX.
“People were told by Qantas staff they will be staying around the airport and that we might be leaving at lunch time tomorrow,” he said.
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