Wide spread power outage effecting thousands in Western Kenosha County, USA

A wide spread power outage is effecting a large portion of Western Kenosha County on Saturday morning.
The outage started around 8 a.m. Outages have been reported to westoftheoi from Paddock Lake south to Trevor and as far west as Lilly Lake.
We Energies says over 6,000 of its customers are out of power at about 8:20 a.m. The cause is under investigation.
We Energies’ outage map shows outages in Bristol, Salem Lakes, Paddock Lake and Brighton.
UPDATE 8:29 a.m. — We Energies now says over 11,000 customers effected in Kenosha County.
Courtesy of westofthei.com

One response to “Wide spread power outage effecting thousands in Western Kenosha County, USA”

  1. lissakrhumanelife says :

    I was prepping. Had to head back home. I tried to warn to no avail. When this goes down. We are not going to fair well. I’ve learned seemingly, most are far from aware, and are not interested, either. Best to you and thanks for doing this.

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