Heat wave alert issued for southern regions, South Korea

A heat wave alert has been issued for southern areas, including Daegu, Ulsan and Gwangju.
The mid-day high of the southern region reached 30 degrees Celsius on Monday, with Daegu sizzling at 33 degrees Celsius, the highest in South Korea.
The temperature was up to 8 degrees Celsius higher compared with the same time last year the Korea Meteorological Administration (KMA) said. With the heat wave expected to continue through Tuesday, the administration is warning children and the elderly to avoid outdoor activities.
The hot weather has come at the same time as a nationwide fine dust storm, posing a grave health risk.
The weather agency has also urged people to take extra care of their health because a wide morning-evening temperature gap could leave people, particularly those with a weak immune system, vulnerable to colds or other illnesses.
Courtesy of koreatimes.co.kr

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