Intense hailstorm causes extensive damage to fruit crop in Kullu, India

Hailstorm in Kullu damaged fruit crop to the tune of Rs 10 crore yesterday. The damage was caused to apple, pear and plum crop in Haripur, Fojal, Raison, Dobhi, Shirad, Duara, Nashala Katrian, Kias and Badgran areas in the district.
The adverse weather condition has disappointed the horticulturists in the district. Gopal Kaistha, a horticulturist hailing from Fojal, said the 30-minute hailstorm damaged his 60 per cent apple orchard. “The loss is unbearable because our economy depends on apple crop, which is the sole source of income for us,” he said.
Another orchardist Khek Ram Negi said in the lower region there was 30 per cent loss, while in the upper valley it was up to 50 per cent. Orchardists in the district are seeking relief from the state government for the extensive damage caused to their crop.
The Horticulture Department issued an advisory to orchardists, especially those who have insurance cover for their crop, that they should inform the authorities concerned to assess the loss.
Amar Singh, Deputy Director, Horticulture Department, Kullu, said orchardists should spray Bavistin (100gm) and Indofil M-45 (500gm) mixed with 200 l water within one or two days to the hailstorm-affected crop. After a gap of six days, they should use spray of Boric acid (200mg), Zink Sulfate (500mg) and quicklime (200mg) mixed with 200 l water.
He said the department was also providing advisory on mobile through Mkisan app to make the orchardists aware of the use of spray schedule in their orchard. The Horticulture Department has calculated loss to the tune of Rs 7.60 crore in the Kullu and Nagar block today, while officials are collecting details from the other parts of the district.
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