103 dead dolphins washed up along Black Sea coast since April, in Russia

В Черном море зафиксирована массовая гибель дельфинов
As of May 9, bodies of 103 dolphins were found in the coastal zone of the Black Sea, of which 31 were found in the Crimea. Investigation of the causes of the tragedy is handled by the Azov-Black Sea Environmental Prosecutor’s Office. According to preliminary data, the mass death of dolphins can occur for 4 different reasons. At autopsy, in the stomachs of individuals, a hard shellfish was found. Also consider the version of physical impact. Mammals could get confused in established fishing nets, as it happened many times . Another version is the loss of the leader of the geolocation pack. He could throw himself ashore, after which the rest of the pack followed suit. Also in the Black Sea, water samples were taken for laboratory testing, Rossiyskaya Gazeta reports. Scientists environmentalists say that over the past few years this is the most massive case of death of dolphins.
Courtesy of kafanews.com

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