Tens of thousands of fish die ‘suddenly’ in Guangxi, China

Vigil workers found one of the fish pond fish appeared abnormal phenomenon, have jumped out of the water and groups Floating, no matter how to rescue the oxygen did not have the effect, the next day, regardless of the size of the fish pond fish all over the white belly. How is this going?
Mr. Chen’s fish pond is located in Hengxian Tao Wei town six show village old Wang Yu village, an area of ​​about 10 acres, mainly to keep the sweet-scented osmanthus fish, online reporters at the scene smell a strong stench, fish pond floating above With a lot of dead fish. Mr. Tong said that these fish died very strange.
Fish pond owners Chen Youming: From my years of experience in fish, the general is hypoxia or what, then, will not be the death of the law, if it is hypoxia or weather problems, then the fish is a little floating head, or swim to the shore, Only the phenomenon of poisoning will be the whole fish jump up and down the fish.
Reporters noted that the fish in the pond regardless of the size of the death of the situation, but the adjacent sides of the fish pond, there is no dead fish situation. Mr. Chen recalled that in early April this year, the fish pond to pump disinfection, so Mr. Chen to the water out of the next to the drains, the downstream of the channel is connected to another owner of the fish pond. Surprisingly, after the drainage, the downstream fish pond 2000 pounds of silver carp died, Mr. Chen and the downstream fish pond owners forged a beam, so Mr. Chen is worried that he may have been retaliated.
Mr. Chen said, since then, he and the downstream pond no longer on the link, whether it is not the other side of the black hand, can only wait for the results of the police investigation. And for their own loss of fish ponds, Mr. Chen said that now is the fishing moratorium, the market of sweet-scented osmanthus fish about 35 yuan per kilogram, the initial statistics about 2 kilograms of sweet-scented osmanthus fish died, the loss of more than 700,000 yuan. This incident also aroused the attention of the local government.
Nanning City Hengxian pottery town deputy mayor Luobo: Taking into account the pond is also subject to economic losses, his mind is also more sad so, causing such a thing, our government to help him first, we ask people to help him salvage, do harmless treatment.
At present, the local fishery sector has been on the fish pond water quality and dead fish were sampled, and sent to a professional body for testing, the local government will also urge the departments to investigate the dead fish incident.
Courtesy of shuichan.cc

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