Thousands of dead sardines wash up on the coast of Muscat, Oman

An algae outbreak has resulted in the death of thousands of sardines near the Coast Guard Port in Sidab area of the capital Muscat recently.
The sardines had choked to death due to the lack of oxygen in the seawater, according to experts from the Marine Science and Fisheries Centre, Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries.
After investigating the samples, it was found that the oxygen shortage was caused by the excessive growth of plankton, which is scientifically known as prorocentrum arcuatum, an expert from the centre said.
Oxygen levels had dropped sharply to 1.2 mg/l while it should be around 1.5mg/l and above.
Phytoplankton are the self-feeding components for the plankton and a key part of oceans, seas and freshwater basin ecosystem. Large Zooplanktons, fish, and mammals depend on these plankton for their survival.
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