Emergency Shutdown At Taiwan Nuclear Plant Due To Severe Rainfall

Reactor at one of the country’s three operating nuclear plants was shut down after heavy rains caused an electricity pylon to topple over near the site.
A reactor at New Taipei’s Jinshan Nuclear Power Plant was shut down Friday after heavy rain toppled an electricity pylon near the site.
Taipower said the 345-kV tower fell at 10:31 a.m., resulting in the automatic shutdown of the plant’s second nuclear reactor — a safety mechanism activated whenever a reactor cannot transmit power.
Local media sources indicated that neither the reactor nor the generator was damaged during the incident.
However, for safety reasons, the restarted reactor will remain running at 75 percent capacity — the level at which it was running when the shutdown occurred — until it runs out of fuel, which is estimated to be June 10 or 11. 
Taipower had originally scheduled a suspension of the power plant’s second reactor for annual maintenance on June 11. Even with Friday’s incident, it is unlikely that the company will rush to begin maintenance procedures given that the date is only about a week away, local media speculated. 
There are currently three operational nuclear plants in Taiwan. Once the Jinshan plant’s second reactor is shut down for maintenance — and with four other reactors already undergoing such work — only one will be in operation nationwide, Taipower said.
Courtesy of annx.asianews.network

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