72 Year Old Lady with Medical Conditions Is Forced To Sit Outside Camden Council All Night In London

Shirley Phillips tackles Camden Council leader Georgia Gould
This poor lady Shirley Philip who has a medical condition only found out about the tower block evacuation due to unsafe building conditions when watching Sky News!
With no notice, Shirley was told to pack emergency belongings and go to the Camden’s Council building for further information.
Shirley was sat outside the building ALL night with her dog. I’m not joking, she was abandoned all night!
How on earth can the UK’s Camden government leave a 72 year Old Age Pensioner sat on a chair All night? Very shameful!
Shirley confronted Camden Council’s leader Georgia Gould and told her what she thought of the total shambles.
Shirley and her dog have now been relocated to a hotel. Let’s hope it’s 5 Star!!

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