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‘Powerful’ cyberattack on Ukraine goes global

A “powerful” cyberattack that started in Ukraine has spread across the world, hitting banks, government IT systems and energy firms. British, Russian and Dutch companies are among those targeted by the “powerful” hack, which is quickly spreading.


Ukraine cyberattack cripples government website and banks

Ukraine has been hit by a major cyberattack that has taken down the government’s IT network.
Banks, the state airline manufacturer and electricity distributor were also targeted.
Russia simultaneously said its state oil giant Rosnet and steelmaker Evraz were hit by the “powerful” hack.
Ukraine’s deputy prime minister, Pavlo Rozenko posted a picture of a computer error on Twitter as details of the outage emerged.
The central bank claimed an “unknown virus” had hit lenders, but did not name those affected.
It said in a statement: “As a result of these cyber attacks these banks are having difficulties with client services and carrying out banking operations.
“The central bank is confident that the banking infrastructure’s defence against cyber fraud is properly set up and attempted cyber attacks on banks’ IT systems will be neutralised.”
Russian oil producer Rosnet said it hoped the incident was not connected to “legal proceedings”, as it prepares to sue a rival firm over the acquisition of another energy company for 170 billion rubles (£2.25 billion).
It “could have had serious consequences”, the company said, but thanks to a back-up system “the production and extraction of oil were not stopped”.
The disruptions follow a spate of hacking attempts on Ukrainian state websites in late-2016 and repeated attacks on the country’s power grid that prompted security chiefs to call for improved cyber defences.
Courtesy of Sky News