Video: Theresa May lies outright to Parliament over #Grenfell #cladding


During PMQs this afternoon, Theresa May was challenged by Jeremy Corbyn (who by common consensus thoroughly outclassed her yet again) on the Tories’ enormous cuts to local authority funding and the dangers they have created. The Tories didn’t like being confronted with the truth of their actions:

Typically, Theresa May dodged any semblance of an answer to the question of funding. Instead, she tried to answer a question that hadn’t been asked, about who was in government when cladding began to be used on tower blocks.

And, again typically, she screwed even that up – and lied outright to the House:

May claimed that the cladding of tower blocks began under Tony Blair’s New Labour government. She misled the House by about twenty years – as this 1984 video shows, it in fact began under Margaret Thatcher during another period of Tory cuts to local government funding:


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