10,000 dead fish found in a river in Sabana de Torres, Colombia

Dead fish, up to 10,000, do not show any ill-treatment or obstruction of the gill, so the Autonomous Corporation of Santander, CAS, will be asked for a water analysis.
James Murillo, director of Cabildo Verde, was wise to mention the cause of death. “A hypothesis, only a hypothesis could be the dumping of some toxic substance that decanted in the water and affected the plants from which the species is fed.”
This is the third time that there is a fish mortality in this water mirror. The first was in 2000, for hydrocarbons, and the second in 2007 by dumping of wastewater. The dead specimens will be analyzed in the laboratory to clarify the cause of their death, while the fishermen of the zone caught the attention of the authorities so that they do not go only when there is affectation of manatees. “This livelihood depends on our livelihoods, so we ask that they be more pending,” they said.
Courtesy of vanguardia.com

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