40,000 lbs of fish die in a reservoir in Fujian, China

Raising a year of fish, and then a few days you can catch the market, unexpectedly, a few days after a few days there have been a lot of death, who lives in Zhangzhou Zhangpu County, the old town of Gao Lincun Zheng Huaiyang a misery.
Zheng Huaiyang that he raised the reservoir in the incident for nearly 20 years of fish, suddenly there is such a situation, is the reservoir upstream last year just put into operation the waste disposal plant generated by the sewage.
At present, Zhangpu County Environmental Protection Bureau has been on the reservoir and waste treatment plant wastewater samples were sampled.
Herald reporter came to the high forest in the village of Hongwei reservoir. Just near, to smell a thick smell, Zheng Huaiyang’s father is a basket of a basket to the shore salvage dead fish. And the water is also floating on many dead fish, some undead fish also surfaced, and some have begun to roll.
A hook machine is digging at the reservoir side for burying dead fish. While the side of about 8 cubic meters of the pit, has been filled with dead fish, about 5000 pounds heavy. “Just dug to dig three, small pit also buried a lot of the.” Zheng Huaiyang said.
According to him, this reservoir is his uncle Wang Qianlong in 1997 to the village contract, covering about 50 acres. “Some fish have abnormalities, including carp, carp, silver carp, tilapia and other varieties, large nearly 5 pounds, there are small adult palm size. Some species have been able to catch a few days to market, and now almost all dead “Zheng Huaiyang said, June 4 morning died about 9,000 pounds.
As of 10 o’clock last night, dead fish about 4 million jin. However, dead fish is still constantly surfaced.
Courtesy of china.huanqiu.com

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