Thousands of dead fish found in the river Elsa, Italy

A multitude of fish along the Elsa River again hit the Valdelsa. The reports have come from the fishermen of the area, always on the front line to defend the eco-fluvial system that, in addition to this increscerous episode, was again the focus of the foam that in the night of Tuesday had affected the stretch Which from the Zambra leads to the bridge dividing Certaldo and Badia into Elmi. The two phenomena took place within 24 hours and in the place, after the fishermen’s reports, the law enforcement officers and Arpat of Siena made some withdrawals.
The next pick that will serve to give a response to a debate that has been leaking for many years in the bed of the Elsa River hit now, besides the presence of foams, by a very significant fish. The latest responses from Arpat, which worked in tune with Empoli, Siena and Florence, led to a report on the environmental health of the river where it was said that “the origin of the foam may consist of rains after prolonged periods of absence Of the same, in the dilution of both the anthropic and built soils (square streets, etc.) and the agricultural and natural soils, to which the rinsing of white sewers can be added, where during various periods of drought various types of substances can be deposited.
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