Massive fish kill in the waters of Nootdorp, Netherlands

Unfortunately a lot of dead fish in Nootdorp. Since June 16 Delfland get here in notifications. It is closed to the streets Wadden Sea and Combinatieweg.
“We spot examined the situation and measure water quality. The oxygen is in order, indicating that the fish do not have succumbed to the heat. The church still controls or is stuck in a sewer overflow pollution in the water, as any cause. But because it mainly goes dead carp, is also thought to be a virus that only affects carp. we will investigate further, “says a spokesman for Telstar online, local news site for Pijnacker-Nootdorp.
“Because the observed fish were already several days dead, they can not be examined – which is only possible if the fish is just dead Once we have seen such a fish, we send it for further investigation, the location where the.. dead fish were found, is – like the surrounding ditches -. extra watched the dead fish cleared that helps the fishing club us they put the deceased fish on the side Delfland get them out of there as quickly as possible…. the heat dead fish stink quickly. We clean the fish as soon as possible, but can not prevent you experience temporary odor. “
“Because the cause of death is still unknown, we ask you not to touch or even to clean up the dead animals. It is also -preventief- wise to avoid contact with the water. This applies to you, your children, but for example, also for your dog. “
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