Several dead dolphins wash ashore in Anapa, Russia

On the shore of Anapa, several dead dolphins were thrown out. According to experts, the reason for this was a strong storm. The inhabitants of Anapa who discovered them told us that what they saw shocked them.
It was reported that several bodies of dead dolphins were thrown out by the sea wave on the coast of Anapa. The animals were discovered by local residents who immediately summoned specialists. Scientists picked up the bodies and studied the shore. A little later they voiced their version of what happened. 
They said that this is not the first time this year they have recorded such cases. For 2 months 68 dolphins have already died. In their opinion, this is due to natural phenomena. Here and this time this happened right after the storm. Scientists believe that during marine excitement, these animals lose the ability to orient themselves in the water. Some of them begin to sail to the shore, believing that they, on the contrary, are saved and go to deeper water areas. Approaching the shore, they are simply injured and die in shallow water. Scientists noted that this may happen during an earthquake. However, they did not exclude environmental factors. They noted that this happens much more rarely on the Abkhazian coast, since there are much fewer production facilities there.
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