Thousands of various fish found dead in a lake in Cleder, France

According to first responders in the environment, the high mortality of fish due to the high temperature of the water and a lack of oxygen. “Tuesday morning, statements have been made. The temperature of the water was at 25 degrees”. Many assumptions have been made, including the arrival of a toxic algae because of the heat. “Some people come here to get rid of algae in their aquariums,” said a local resident.
On Wednesday morning, the gendarmerie of Saint-pol-de-leon came to see the damage. On-site, a technician in the Union of the Horn River favors, he, too, pollution. “Eels and other fish would be perfectly withstood a high temperature of the water”, he said. Analyses of water and dead fish samples have been made. The analyses are ongoing. Also on the site, the guards of the fishing company went unanswered.
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