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#Grenfell: 87? Where are those who jumped?


According to an Independentarticle today, the Metropolitan Police have ‘recovered’ the remains of 87 bodies from inside Grenfell Tower, raising the estimated death toll to 87 – although police are saying they cannot be sure how many individuals have been found because of the condition of the remains.

grenfell 87.pngHowever, local eyewitnesses have reported seeing multiple people jumping from the building to avoid the flames as well as the nightmarish sight of parents throwing their children from windows in a desperate hope that someone might catch them.

The bodies of those who fell would not be inside the building to be found among the eighty-seven remains as police sift through debris.

So where are they and why don’t reports reflect their number? Are reports misleading, or simply sloppily written? When local people are full of distrust of authorities and the Establishment media and still insist that the death toll is…

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Oh Jeremy Corbyn ringtone – Stormzy version


A little while ago, at the request of readers, the SKWAWKBOX made available an mp3 of the ‘Oh Jeremy Corbyn’ chant that is sweeping the nation.

A couple of people have already been in touch asking for the Stormzy version, in which the artist leads and conducts the chant. So if you want a version with more funk (and a few ‘hey’s to get your attention in a noisy environment (or you’re absorbed reading the SKWAWKBOX), here it is:

To download the file, touch and hold or right-click here and select ‘save target as’ (or equivalent on your system).

Now you can worry and annoy Tories wherever you go – and even more importantly, keep building the positivity around Labour and Corbyn when the Establishment is already trying to pooh-pooh it – and look even cooler.

And if you want the original version, you can still find it here

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