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Large number of dead fish wash up in Ganjam, India

A large number of dead fish were seen floating near Gopalpur port in Ganjam district after which marine fishery officials inspected the site today to ascertain the cause. 
“Our officials have visited the site to ascertain the probable reasons behind the death of fish in such a large number in the area,” said Additional Fishery Officer (Marine), Ganjam, J Khatua. 
A report has been sent to the higher officials about the death of hundreds of fish in the sea near the port.
Dead fish, of different sizes and prawns, were seen floating near the jetty since yesterday. 
Goplapur port is making a dump near the jetty and due to the rains the dumped materials might have moved into the sea, causing pollution and subsequent death of the fishes, said a fishery officer. 
Director of Goplpur port M M Maharana said presently there was no fertiliser loaded ship anchored in the port. However, the port authorities would examine the matter and take necessary precautionary measures, he said. The jetty is now inside the port. 
Traditional fishermen apprehend that more fish casualty would occur in case of any contamination of sea water. 
“Marine fishermen are now worried about their livelihood in coming days and the government should take steps to protect them,” said B Simadri, President of Fish Workers’ Union, Ganjam district unit.
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Thousands of dead fish found in a river in Copan, Honduras

Residents of the community of Azacualpa, La Unión, Copán, sent images showing that thousands of fish have been found dead in the Lara river due to contamination from mining activities of minerals of West (MINOSA), subsidiary of the mining company Aura Minerals (from Canada).
Upstream of this river is the mine of San Andres, where the mining company Aura Minerals has operations. By mining operations, there have been cyanide spill that caused the death of fish.
They denounce those who have generated contamination caused the death of these fish, which is also putting at risk human health. locals say that Aura Minerals was emptying one of the heap leach.
The Copán environmentalist Coalition opposes mining metal in the area since it has not promoted any significant development and has generated enormous social and environmental damage from the colonial era. The so-called “modern” and “responsible” mining that promotes Aura Minerals/MINOSA is a farce, as verified by this horrible news.
They also denounce all involved in trying to submit the country to new mining concessions by the new General mining law of the 2013 communities in Copán Ruinas and elsewhere.
Mining is a component of the extractive model which aims to promote development through the exploitation and export of natural resources on a large scale.
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Dozens of dead seagulls found washed up on Gallagher beach in Buffalo, USA

It was an unpleasant sight Tuesday, as a number of dead seagulls were found washed ashore Gallagher Beach in Buffalo. People got in touch with 2 On Your Side through social media, with questions about the discovery.
When 2 On Your Side went to Gallagher Beach Tuesday to check the issue out, we found more than 20 dead seagulls washed ashore there. We immediately started making calls to environmental and health agencies about how this happened.
The state Department of Environmental Conservation says it received reports of dead birds last week and then began an investigation, by sending a team of biologists here on Friday. That’s when they discovered deceased seagulls and healthy seagulls.
The DEC says the seagulls that washed ashore here died from an annual event this time of year that’s common to large colonies of waterbirds. And that windy weather can cause younger birds to suffer serious injuries that are fatal.
The DEC says to the average person, noticing dead seagulls could give the indication of water contamination, but experts say that’s not always the case. And, the DEC says this does not cause any contamination that requires a response.
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150,000 birds killed due to bird flu in South Africa

Zimbabwe, Namibia and Botswana on Tuesday suspended poultry imports from South Africa with immediate effect following outbreaks of highly contagious H5N8 bird flu.
South Africa has confirmed outbreaks of avian flu, which is often transmitted by wild birds, on at least two farms. South Africa and Mozambique banned poultry imports from Zimbabwe this month after a bird flu outbreak there.
Botswana, which only imports 5 percent of its poultry needs, said it would no longer buy poultry meat, processed products and feeds from South Africa.
“The restriction is a precautionary measure to avoid equal infection here as well as protect our people,” agriculture minister Patrick Ralotsia told Reuters.
Zimbabwe imposed a similar ban while Namibia also halted imports from Belgium which has experience an outbreak of bird flu earlier this year.
South Africa on Monday ended the sale of live hens throughout the country in a bid to control the outbreak that was detected on the farm of a commercial broiler breeder last week.
Poultry producer Astral, which had previously confirmed that H5N8 had been detected at its breeding facilities on the outskirts of the Free State, said on Tuesday it had quarantined the affected site and culled 150,000 birds, around six percent of its breeding stock.
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4.5 TONS of fish dead due to pollution in the Guadalquivir river in Spain

The discharge of pomace in the Guadalquivir River has left on his runway four tons and a half of dead fish. It is the calculation that yesterday became the Confederación Hidrográfica del Guadalquivir (CHG), after the company Tragsa technicians have started cleaning of the river after the discharge of the company El Tejar olive pomace. This amount of fish translates, according to sources consulted by the day, between 30,000 and 50,000 units. The same sources affected is unknown the amount of the fine that will have to pay oil El Tejar and stressed that when the incident occurred the company announced an amount, an amount of dumping finally “has been much more”.
And that, as a result of the discharge of pomace, the CHG has opened a record penalties against the company El Tejar olive, said the Deputy of the Government, Juan José Primo Jurado. During a visit to the convent of Santa Cruz, after the completion of work charged to 1.5% Cultural carried out on the property for its restoration, cousin jury indicated that it would be “within a few days” when fine which will have to pay the company known by this “ecological damage” suffered by the river. This cited record, continued, “it will determine the degree of guilt and the degree of punishment to be imposed to the company, since we must assess the amount of pomace dump”.
The subdelegation, also noted that “there is no risk” of dumping, because from the CHG “the floodgates were opened quickly so be refrig erase and will rid the water”. The spill has spread from the municipality of El Carpio to Cordoba. Cousin jury lamented “ecological damage” that caused the spill, although he stressed that “it has not damaged to the flora of the river”.
Marc, as well as the olive oil process wastewater, is one of waste caused in the production of olive oil and has a strong capacity of pollution. It removes oxygen from the water and causes a “strong mortality of aquatic animals. But the effects are “even more pernicious”, because this residue has an effect fitocida and bactericide, so it eliminates aquatic plants and bacteria that live in the water, the base of the food chain and thus, with longer-lasting effects on the aquatic ecosystem, as already pointed out Ecologistas en Acción.
The Mayor, Isabel Ambrose, on the other hand, was yesterday assured that the sanction imposed to the company would be “important and exemplary”, about “a crime environmental that affects not only the present” with the discharge of pomace in the Guadalquivir River, but that “the collateral damage of this situation will be able to live in the near future”. The first mayor said the Town Council are in contact with the Ministry of environment for “the news on this matter”, which is “serious enough” with “the risks involved to require not only transparency and see first hand what have been the details why it has come to this situation, but also forceful in a sanction”. Thus, played a role in “you must know and demand to know the details until the end”, which added that “cannot be harmless an offence of this type”, so that “Although the spill has been accidental does not avoid the gravity”.
The party animal (Pacma), for its part, has shown doubts that “all the necessary control mechanisms to prevent the environmental disaster of the dumping were established”. “The reservoir is huge and was at full capacity, with 1.2 million cubic meters of pomace”, scored the party, adding that “we believe that this spill was leaked to the river for several days, time needed to implement measures and to try to mitigate the severe damage to the flora and fauna of the river”. “The multitude of fish deaths along the river and the death of these dying due to lack of oxygen is a fact that is could have been avoided with controls adapted to the company that originated the disaster”, scored Pacma.
Meanwhile, Deputy of citizens by Cordoba, Marcial Gómez Balsera, asked in the lower House by “the level of purification and discharges control that exists today by the CHG before discharge to the river like that has occurred these days in Cordoba” and “inspections to the company that has allegedly caused this fact”. For Gomez Balsera, “should hold accountable for this fact, causing so much damage to the river Guadalquivir”.
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Thousands of dead fish wash ashore in Bursa, Turkey

In the District of Bursa’s Karacabey Manyas Bird pours into the sea of Marmara Lake Kareem on fish mortality.
According to a report of the Creek in two days UAV thousands of fish died, it’s near the river emptying waste was allegedly caused by pollution. It has been observed that the slime layer Creek occurred.
The villagers entered the River to cool off today even hard to reach due to a layer of slime.
Sultançiftliği living in the village of citizens, the Creek until recently caught fish by hand, workers in the field enough water is as clean as you can.
The village of swarthy, Starzz Creek factory by parasites, he said: “we live in this environment every year massacre. We drink this water stream many years ago. Grazing animal that used Creek, sweating our children … Even our products with this stream of life. Today, however, we don’t give them water to drink, let alone fish this Creek. It is not using the refinement of the business for years and we’re struggling for years but in vain. He’s willing to take the punishment business, and don’t bother with the cost of running the arıtmayı. They know their particular holiday opportunity. Waste is the nation’s busy and less like this all the time to realize they’re a time Tuesday. They’re trying to cover their shame that way. Somebody’s got to say ‘ stop ‘ it anymore. “
Another peasant Cavit Bell Creek field when they slime the due water pipes are clogged.
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Hundreds of dead fish wash ashore in Radazul, Tenerife, Spain

It already happened in el Puertito de Güímar two weeks ago. Fishermen and bathers in the area were the surprise of hundreds of fish trompetudos dead on the coast. Today touched bathers Beach from the Nea and the coast of Radazul. The image continues to be impressive to, as they say the fishermen, typically they varen this type of fish that they flee from large dams in spring time, and even point out that its presence in big balls is synonymous with a great year of bonito and tuna.
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Hundreds of ducks and fish found dead in Quang Nam, Vietnam

quang nam: truy tim nguyen nhan vịt, ca chet hang loat ỏ dóc dỏ hinh anh 1
On 26.6, Exchange with reporters, Mr. Nguyen Thanh Nam Colonization-Bureau Chief Veterinary Bureau of Quang Nam province said, the unit had sent samples of ducks died of unknown causes thanks to veterinary agency region IV tests.
According to Mr. Nam, after receiving information from Lab & MT district of Dai Loc district and direction from superiors, provincial animal health Bureau has sent officers down to the scene and proceeded to cut some parts of the dead duck in the steep Red slots, Modern Township, district of Dai Loc district. “after sampling We’ve posted the entire form out veterinary agency region IV in Danang to analysis, and are awaiting the results. Hopefully soon, we will announce the cause of mass dead duck “-Mr. Nam said.
Earlier, the Vietnamese People have the information, at dawn 20.6, some people bring food out for a duck, then Commander of the fire before the spectacle a hundred ducks along the fish rolling right out of unknown cause of death along the water Red Slopes khe (the paragraph flows through the hamlet An Chief, Dai, Dai Loc district).
According to observation, vertical distance near Red Slopes khe, Riverside 3 km beyond the dead duck status as people reflect, we also saw a lot of dead fish floating in thick layer stacking and picking up a nasty stench. “Water in the steep Red slot are lead from its source about 4 miles. Locals that the waste discharge of ethanol plants close in has a direct influence on their flocks and caused the death of fish for the last time”-Mr. son HA-Deputy Head of the hamlet Chief Security , for more information.
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Depth: 49 km

Distances: 365 km NW of Karachi, Pakistan / pop: 11,625,000 / local time: 16:35:27.8 2017-07-09
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Depth: 10 km

Distances: 476 km S of Calgary, Canada / pop: 1,020,000 / local time: 04:29:13.8 2017-07-09
51 km NW of Helena, United States / pop: 28,200 / local time: 04:29:13.8 2017-07-09
13 km SE of Lincoln, United States / pop: 1,100 / local time: 04:29:13.8 2017-07-09

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