4.5 TONS of fish dead due to pollution in the Guadalquivir river in Spain

The discharge of pomace in the Guadalquivir River has left on his runway four tons and a half of dead fish. It is the calculation that yesterday became the Confederación Hidrográfica del Guadalquivir (CHG), after the company Tragsa technicians have started cleaning of the river after the discharge of the company El Tejar olive pomace. This amount of fish translates, according to sources consulted by the day, between 30,000 and 50,000 units. The same sources affected is unknown the amount of the fine that will have to pay oil El Tejar and stressed that when the incident occurred the company announced an amount, an amount of dumping finally “has been much more”.
And that, as a result of the discharge of pomace, the CHG has opened a record penalties against the company El Tejar olive, said the Deputy of the Government, Juan José Primo Jurado. During a visit to the convent of Santa Cruz, after the completion of work charged to 1.5% Cultural carried out on the property for its restoration, cousin jury indicated that it would be “within a few days” when fine which will have to pay the company known by this “ecological damage” suffered by the river. This cited record, continued, “it will determine the degree of guilt and the degree of punishment to be imposed to the company, since we must assess the amount of pomace dump”.
The subdelegation, also noted that “there is no risk” of dumping, because from the CHG “the floodgates were opened quickly so be refrig erase and will rid the water”. The spill has spread from the municipality of El Carpio to Cordoba. Cousin jury lamented “ecological damage” that caused the spill, although he stressed that “it has not damaged to the flora of the river”.
Marc, as well as the olive oil process wastewater, is one of waste caused in the production of olive oil and has a strong capacity of pollution. It removes oxygen from the water and causes a “strong mortality of aquatic animals. But the effects are “even more pernicious”, because this residue has an effect fitocida and bactericide, so it eliminates aquatic plants and bacteria that live in the water, the base of the food chain and thus, with longer-lasting effects on the aquatic ecosystem, as already pointed out Ecologistas en Acción.
The Mayor, Isabel Ambrose, on the other hand, was yesterday assured that the sanction imposed to the company would be “important and exemplary”, about “a crime environmental that affects not only the present” with the discharge of pomace in the Guadalquivir River, but that “the collateral damage of this situation will be able to live in the near future”. The first mayor said the Town Council are in contact with the Ministry of environment for “the news on this matter”, which is “serious enough” with “the risks involved to require not only transparency and see first hand what have been the details why it has come to this situation, but also forceful in a sanction”. Thus, played a role in “you must know and demand to know the details until the end”, which added that “cannot be harmless an offence of this type”, so that “Although the spill has been accidental does not avoid the gravity”.
The party animal (Pacma), for its part, has shown doubts that “all the necessary control mechanisms to prevent the environmental disaster of the dumping were established”. “The reservoir is huge and was at full capacity, with 1.2 million cubic meters of pomace”, scored the party, adding that “we believe that this spill was leaked to the river for several days, time needed to implement measures and to try to mitigate the severe damage to the flora and fauna of the river”. “The multitude of fish deaths along the river and the death of these dying due to lack of oxygen is a fact that is could have been avoided with controls adapted to the company that originated the disaster”, scored Pacma.
Meanwhile, Deputy of citizens by Cordoba, Marcial Gómez Balsera, asked in the lower House by “the level of purification and discharges control that exists today by the CHG before discharge to the river like that has occurred these days in Cordoba” and “inspections to the company that has allegedly caused this fact”. For Gomez Balsera, “should hold accountable for this fact, causing so much damage to the river Guadalquivir”.
Courtesy of eldiadecordoba.es

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