Dozens of dead seagulls found washed up on Gallagher beach in Buffalo, USA

It was an unpleasant sight Tuesday, as a number of dead seagulls were found washed ashore Gallagher Beach in Buffalo. People got in touch with 2 On Your Side through social media, with questions about the discovery.
When 2 On Your Side went to Gallagher Beach Tuesday to check the issue out, we found more than 20 dead seagulls washed ashore there. We immediately started making calls to environmental and health agencies about how this happened.
The state Department of Environmental Conservation says it received reports of dead birds last week and then began an investigation, by sending a team of biologists here on Friday. That’s when they discovered deceased seagulls and healthy seagulls.
The DEC says the seagulls that washed ashore here died from an annual event this time of year that’s common to large colonies of waterbirds. And that windy weather can cause younger birds to suffer serious injuries that are fatal.
The DEC says to the average person, noticing dead seagulls could give the indication of water contamination, but experts say that’s not always the case. And, the DEC says this does not cause any contamination that requires a response.
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