Power cuts affect 140,000 in Los Angeles after fire at storage plant

The fire and explosion left thousands of people without power
The fire left around 140,000 residents without power
More than 140,000 residents were left without power after a blaze at a power plant in Los Angeles.
Power had to be cut to allow firefighters to battle the fire at the Los Angeles department of water and power plant in North San Fernando Valley.
More than 80 firefighters fought the fire which broke out in a storage vault containing 50,000-60,000 gallons of mineral oil.
Local people reported the sound of an explosion but this has not been confirmed.
Much of the blaze on Saturday was out within two hours but firefighters were expected to stay at the scene to monitor possible flare-ups.
Drivers in the area were advised to take extra care as many roads would be without lights due to the power outage.
More than 80 firefighters fought the blaze
More than 80 firefighters fought the blaze
Officials were not able to say when power might be restored at the plant which serves 1.6 million customers in Los Angeles.
An employee said work was going on around the clock to restore power. He said: “It’s got to be done. People are without power.”
In a statement, the plant said: “The fire affected one portion of the receiving station, but as an emergency precautionary measure, power to and from the facility has been shut off while Los Angeles fire department personnel work to put the fire out.
Firefighters battle the blaze
Firefighters battle the blaze
“As soon as possible, crews will assess damage at the station and begin the work of restoring power to affected customers.”
The incident happened as Los Angeles recorded a second day of record high temperatures that exceeded 90F (32C).
Courtesy of Sky News

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