Thousands of dead fish wash ashore in Bursa, Turkey

In the District of Bursa’s Karacabey Manyas Bird pours into the sea of Marmara Lake Kareem on fish mortality.
According to a report of the Creek in two days UAV thousands of fish died, it’s near the river emptying waste was allegedly caused by pollution. It has been observed that the slime layer Creek occurred.
The villagers entered the River to cool off today even hard to reach due to a layer of slime.
Sultançiftliği living in the village of citizens, the Creek until recently caught fish by hand, workers in the field enough water is as clean as you can.
The village of swarthy, Starzz Creek factory by parasites, he said: “we live in this environment every year massacre. We drink this water stream many years ago. Grazing animal that used Creek, sweating our children … Even our products with this stream of life. Today, however, we don’t give them water to drink, let alone fish this Creek. It is not using the refinement of the business for years and we’re struggling for years but in vain. He’s willing to take the punishment business, and don’t bother with the cost of running the arıtmayı. They know their particular holiday opportunity. Waste is the nation’s busy and less like this all the time to realize they’re a time Tuesday. They’re trying to cover their shame that way. Somebody’s got to say ‘ stop ‘ it anymore. “
Another peasant Cavit Bell Creek field when they slime the due water pipes are clogged.
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