Dozens of sea birds, hundreds of fish, plus turtles found dead on a beach in Queensland, Australia

DEAD birds, turtles and mullet have become a common occurrence at Bongaree’s Airforce Park in recent weeks.
Don Early has been cleaning the beachfront for the past five years in ode to his late veteran grandfather and says he’s encountered 14 dead cormorants washed ashore in the past two weeks.
“Something is wrong here,” he said.
“It’s only a little stretch of beach and I usually find the odd dead bird, but to find 14 in such a short period is strange.
“There’s more up further; I’ve found dead turtles and hundreds of dead mullet. And these birds are all the same species.”
Don said he’s attempted to call Moreton Bay Regional Council and the Department of Parks and Wildlife up to “10 times”, but to no avail.
A Parks spokeswoman told The Bribie Weekly that the birds were found on council land, so the matter was referred to council.
But a council spokesman said it was unable to find sign of dead wildlife along the beachfront.
“A council officer attended the site following reports of dead wildlife and was unable to locate any dead wildlife,” he said.
“Park maintenance crews have also attended the site and have not encountered any dead wildlife.
“The Department of Environment and Heritage Protection is responsible for the investigation of wildlife deaths and any further questions are best directed to the department.”
The Bribie Weekly contacted Bribie Island marine biologist Ben Diggles, but he said he hadn’t heard of anything relating to these deaths.
Don said he’d given up on trying to bring attention to the birds.
“The birds are still down there and there’s more up near the boat ramp,” he said.
“(But) I’ve given up. I can’t go any further with this.
“I’ve wasted too much money in calls.”
The Department of Environment and Heritage was unable to meet The Bribie Weekly’s deadline for further comment on the matter.
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