Hundreds of animals killed due to wild fires in Pedrogao Grande, Portugal

Nearly half a thousand corpses of animals killed by fireworks in the councils of Castanheira de Pera, Figueiró dos Vinhos, Góis, Pampilhosa da Serra and Pedrogão Grande were collected by the authorities, a figure that is expected to rise, according to official figures.
Asked by the Lusa agency, the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Rural Development reported that the collection of the corpses of these animals was carried out with “extraordinary character”, at the request of local civil protection authorities, local authorities or the owners themselves.
Until Wednesday, according to veterinarians accompanying the municipal authorities, were collected 477 corpses of animals killed by the fires. 
Most of these animals are pigs: 300 in the municipalities of Pedrógão Grande, six in Castanheira de Pêra and four in Figueiró dos Vinhos.
63 sheep and goats and 20 bovine corpses were collected.
Despite the procedures for collecting and destroying the carcasses of animals that died as a result of the fires being carried out by the owners of the animals, under the supervision of the municipal veterinarians, the ETSA consortium was evacuated to rapidly remove the corpses of the animals. Animals from the places where the fires occurred and the inability of the owners of the affected animals to do so “.
The Ministry of Agriculture believes that these data “will certainly suffer some evolution, given the high number of dying animals that may die and the number of bodies that have not yet been identified or located in the face of the extent of the areas affected by the fires.”
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