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Subject to change

Depth: 10 km

Distances: 1006 km N of Cayenne, French Guiana / pop: 61,600 / local time: 14:53:26.3 2017-07-27
1067 km NE of Paramaribo, Suriname / pop: 224,000 / local time: 14:53:26.3 2017-07-27
1131 km E of Bridgetown, Barbados / pop: 98,600 / local time: 13:53:26.3 2017-07-27

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Most important Labour election you might not know about


Unknown to the vast majority of Labour members, whether by design or accident, a hugely important Labour election got underway this week.

Most people are aware of the vital CACelections, for which ballot papers started going out to all Labour members last week. However, few members might be aware that there is also an NEC (National Executive Committee) election happening right now – one that gives Labour members the chance to correct some of an anti-democratically created imbalance on Labour’s ruling committee.

The election of Labour’s BAME representative on the NEC.

vaz.pngKeith Vaz MP

MP Keith Vaz is the incumbent BAME (black, asian, minority ethnic) member of the NEC. Mr Vaz has a well-known and problematichistory, but also – for supporters of Jeremy Corbyn – a deeply problematic voting record, which has consistently aligned with the NEC’s right-wingers, according to another NEC member who spoke…

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Subject To Change

Depth: 12 km

Distances: 477 km S of Calgary, Canada / pop: 1,020,000 / local time: 10:43:33.5 2017-07-27
50 km NW of Helena, United States / pop: 28,200 / local time: 10:43:33.5 2017-07-27
14 km SE of Lincoln, United States / pop: 1,100 / local time: 10:43:33.5 2017-07-27

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