Hundreds of TONS of fish have died in fish farms in Lampung, Indonesia

Hundreds of tons of fish in floating cages belonging to the farmers in Pekurun Village, Abungpekurun Sub-district, North Lampung are dead, allegedly due to bad weather in the last few days. This caused the floating cage farmers in the Wayrarem Dam suffered billions of rupiah losses.
Inca Pradika (37), owner of keramba, said the cause of death of hundreds of tons of fish is due to bad weather last few days. “Fish began to get drunk at around 19:00 pm, Saturday (07/16/2017),” said Inca, when found in his cage, Sunday (16/7/2017).
According to him, his 25 fish cages contain seven tons of carp ready for harvest and all died. He admitted suffered losses of up to Rp1, 5 billion. He explained hundreds of tons of carp and tilapia fish in a dead cage. “In total there are seven keramba have me, losses of about Rp1, 5 billion, capital from seeds to fish feed,” he said.
Mirisnya again, the fish were old tuga for four months and ready to harvest. He used to sell the cheapest fish ready for harvest Rp10 thousand per kilogram. Inca explained in his village there are about dozens of fish farmers who keep fish in the cage along the Wayrarem Dam. “This is not the first time. There are still two more pools that I have not lifted, the fish are all dead, “he said.
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