Thousands of fish die in the Fucino lake in Italy

“Thousands of anodies have died. An immense environmental damage that has to be reflected by the administrations, must make it reflect on who manages the waters, which are a public asset. “
Following the drought warning that is affecting the Fucino plain, putting at risk the work of hundreds of farmers who are going to see lost the sacrifices of a whole season, talk to Roberto Di Lorenzo , president of the Amateur Sports Association Acque fucensi.
They were the first sporting fishermen to raise the alarm that was going to check in the Fucino. “Anodons are dead,” goes Di Lorenzo, “a sort of mussels that over time act as water purifiers. There are thousands on the channel beds, a worrying one. “
To be exasperated and concerned, in Fucino, they are not just fishermen. Dozens of agricultural entrepreneurs are now on the verge of war and point their finger at the reclamation consortium and against a policy that for decades “speaks” but which in fact never does.
“In the light of what’s going on, there are those who have to take up their responsibilities without talking, talking, but without acting,” Costanzo Stornelli , a Celanese agricultural entrepreneur, “arrived on July 15, are still not put in The wells function because no maintenance was done. There are no four wells on Road 13 number 6, Road 14 and Road 15, do not throw water. The reclamation consortium has sent us the proposal to increase costs through maintenance of the ditches. Where is this maintenance? We continue to pay. We get the bills and we get up. Often we do not even realize what we’re going to pay for. Taxes increase and services do not improve. This is in the eyes of everyone. The reality of the facts is this. Everyone knows it, but no action is taken to save us. “
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