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Turbulence Forces Plane to Land in St. Louis; 3 Injured

Three people are recovering from injuries after strong turbulence forced a regional airline plane to divert to St. Louis.
Officials with SkyWest Airlines say Flight 3167, operating under American Eagle, was traveling from Atlanta to Chicago on Tuesday evening when it hit severe turbulence, forcing a landing at Lambert Airport.
SkyWest said in a statement that a flight attendant and two passengers were taken to a hospital for evaluation. It wasn’t clear if they were admitted to the hospital.
The airline didn’t immediately respond to an emailed message seeking comment Wednesday.
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Oil spill reported in Great Kills Harbor, USA

Emergency officials were summoned to Great Kills Harbor Tuesday afternoon after a report of an oil spill.
The incident was reported at 1:20 p.m. at the gas dock at the foot of Mansion Avenue, according to an FDNY spokesman.
Responders put a layer of foam on the oil and pumped it into a barrel, the spokesman said.
There were no injuries initially reported.
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5 killed in landslide in West African nation of Guinea

Authorities in the West African nation of Guinea say at least five people are dead after a landslide buried residents in a suburb of the capital.
The tragedy was announced Tuesday by Boubacar Kasse, spokesman for Guinea’s security minister. He said two children were among the victims of the disaster, which took place near a landfill.
The official toll was expected to rise as neighbors recounted seeing more than five bodies pulled from the rubble throughout the day.
A large swath of West Africa is currently experiencing rainy season, a time when homes are particularly vulnerable because many are poorly built or constructed too close to other dangers.
In neighboring Sierra Leone, mudslides and flooding killed at least 500 people last week.
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Kp Index is at level 5
Scale of G1


Power systems: weak power grid fluctuations can occur.
Spacecraft operations: minor impact on satellite operations possible.
Other systems: migratory animals are affected at this and higher levels

Double Down video scoop proves what we told you last year: #Traingate was full

SKWAWKBOX Double Down News (DDN) has carried out a great scoop by obtaining the full video footage of the train that Jeremy Corbyn took last August from London to Newcastle. Corbyn appeared in a video talking about the train being full while he sat on the floor. Virgin released a tiny number of still images […]


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Depth: 5 km

Distances: 402 km N of Los Angeles, United States / pop: 3,793,000 / local time: 12:37:44.4 2017-08-23
184 km S of Carson City, United States / pop: 55,300 / local time: 12:37:44.4 2017-08-23
89 km E of Mariposa, United States / pop: 2,200 / local time: 12:37:44.4 2017-08-23
2 km S of Mammoth Lakes, United States / pop: 8,300 / local time: 12:37:44.4 2017-08-23
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Subject to change

Depth: 4 km

Distances: 325 km N of Dallas, United States / pop: 1,198,000 / local time: 13:03:55.2 2017-08-23
24 km N of Oklahoma City, United States / pop: 580,000 / local time: 13:03:55.2 2017-08-23
5 km NE of Edmond, United States / pop: 81,500 / local time: 13:03:55.2 2017-08-23

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