Thousands of dead fish found in a lagoon in Hellín, Spain

Thousands of tents, mostly large in size, have appeared dead in Laguna de los Patos, in Hellín, apparently due to the lack of oxygen to be consumed by a microscopic algae in its final cycle of life, added to the persistent drought that you live in the area and high temperatures recorded.
For this reason, a device has been activated for the removal of dead carps that has been run by SEPEI firefighters in the Hellinero park, who have been collecting those that appeared on the surface on board a boat.
In the operation have also participated environmental agents of the Ministry of Agriculture of the Junta de Castilla-La Mancha, explained the councilman of the Municipal Government Area, Julián Martínez, who has confirmed that “these deaths has been produced by lack of oxygen which consumes an algae that is in the bottom of the lagoon. “He added that” it has hardly rained in recent months, so the water level has dropped. “
After removing them from the interior of the water, the fish are taken to a pit where a sanitary burial is carried out, fulfilling the process that is articulated in this type of cases to bury the dead animals. Looking ahead, the councilman has been confident that the rains will recover normality and reappear new fish in the waters of this unique place of the city.
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