Thousands of dead fish found in a nature reserve in Lampertheim, Germany

Sudden fish death in the well-known nature reserve of the Altrhein of Lampertheim: officials of the water protection police had discovered various fish carcasses on the water surface of the former Rhine loop and informed the water and shipping office as well as the office of the city of Lampertheim.
Thereupon the fire brigade Lampertheim, as well as other surrounding weirs and also forces of the THW came out. Boats went to water, thousands of dead fish were collected. A part of this was transferred to the Heppenheim veterinary center, in order to carry out laboratory tests from there. Results will be expected next week. In order to question the background of the fish death, all the enemies were examined in the Lampertheim Altrhein. Since no abnormalities were found here, poisoning as a reason for the dying of the fish is rather excluded. Most likely, fish death was caused by lack of oxygen in the water. In the area of ​​canoeing, a very low oxygen content was measured. The reason for the lack of oxygen is presumably the warm climate lasting in the last few days, as well as a longer waterfall in the Altrhein. The fire brigade and THW had several pumps run from the shore and a boat to enrich the water with oxygen.
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