Thousands of dead fish found in a river in Coimbra, Portugal

The Municipal Council of Coimbra (CMC), through the Municipal Civil Protection Service, today called on EDP for the “urgent” opening of the flood gates of the Alto Ceira dam to deal with the large fish mortality in the Rio Ceira.
The continuous discharging of a possible flow would not only be beneficial in terms of water renewal, but would contribute to eliminating the agents that are causing fish death and saving the lives of specimens that may be at risk, as would which are now in putrefaction, to float in the river.
According to the CMC, this is “a real environmental and public health problem with riverine settlements with possible serious consequences for the abstraction and distribution of water for human consumption”. Given the size of the problem, the Municipality alerted the Portuguese Environment Agency (APA), the GNR / SEPNA, the ICNF and the Health Delegation of Coimbra to this situation.
Among other aspects, the Municipality asked these entities to “carry out analyzes of water quality to guarantee their characteristics and, consequently, the supply and health of citizens, in addition to determining the factors that gave rise to this situation; the collection of specimens (fish) for examinations to determine the causes of death and their toxicity; and the confirmation that there is no environmental criminal problem causing this situation. “
Under the supervision of the APA, CMC is intervening in the problem in the face of the public health risks that it entails. In this sense, members of the Coimbra Firefighters Company of the CMC and the Environment Division of the CMC, with a boat, are since this morning in the Cabouco area – at the nascent entrance of Coimbra county – where there were more dead fish , to collect these specimens.
Only during the morning, CMC members collected 280 kg of dead fish, which were taken to landfill; during the afternoon were removed and put in landfill plus 240 kg, which makes 520 kg. The staff involved were even forced to wear masks because of the nauseating smell.
The CMC says it will continue to carry out this collection during the day in Cabouco, Boiça and Tapada.
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