31+ dead sea lions, 41+ dead sea birds and 2 dead turtles found on beaches in Talara, Peru

lobo marino muerto
Serfor coordinates with local governments to proceed with the burial of specimens of wildlife. | Source: Serfor Piura
Staff from the National Forestry and Wildlife Service (Serfor) Piura recorded the deaths of some 31 sea lions, 41 birds and two turtles on the beaches of the province of Talara.
The members of Serfor toured the beaches talareñas from El Amor, in the district of Máncora, to the beach Peña Negra, in the district of El Alto. And according to the monitoring, 80% of the wolves show an advanced state of decomposition.
Also, about one of these dead mammals was identified, to a dozen lifeless crabs; which makes them presume that they died because of the consumption of the poisoned chusco wolf.
Juan Otivo, responsible for Serfor Piura, reported that he coordinates with local governments to proceed with the burial of wildlife specimens, as well as a meeting with the representatives of the Artisanal Fishing Lands located in the affected areas.
Otivo Meza said that “it is a recurrent theme for this time the death of marine fauna. There are versions such as poisoning by some bad fishermen, and another as a result of the change in temperature of the sea.
Courtesy of rpp.pe

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