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Hundreds of dead fish found in the waters of Livorno, Italy

Carp, mullet, eels: there are hundreds that float without water on the water or end up on the shore. And they would also have died of herons, as the residents of the area who have found themselves in scary scenes in recent days. “Something I’ve ever seen,” they explain. This is what is happening on the Fossa Chiara, the watercourse linked to the Arnaccio, which is within the territory of Pisa, but is at the ponds of Pond and flows into the Sculmatore. A dying, a real environmental disaster. And in the air, a bad smell that makes it difficult for the inhabitants of the area around that river bowl to keep the windows open.
This is the other face of the flood that hit and devastated our city eight days ago, also touching the fraction of Pond. The cause could be to look into the disastrous nubium that also involved the northern area of ​​the city, where the Eni refinery is located, which has been closed as a result of flooding. There was also a tidal wave of heavy hydrocarbons in the Ugrian torrent and probably in other areas of the river, with black oil stains photographed by so many people who then reported the case: it does not seem to be, anyway, a link between this outbreak and the death of the fish in the Carnation.
From Arpat, which would be alerted to by residents of the area, official confirmation does not come, but residents say they have talked with regional regional experts and have known that “too low a level of oxygen in the water. ” No communication either from the Ulysses Tuscany northwest, while the technicians of the Collesalvetti Municipality were not informed of what happened because we are in the territory of Pisa.
“After the flood and the resulting chaos between the houses and the streets – explain some people who live near the Fossa Chiara – we cleaned the area and along the banks we found the first dead fish, possibly contaminated. And around there were carcasses of some herons. Then there was an unbearable smell … ” A stench of oil linked to water stagnation within the Eni refinery, as the Arpat had immediately pointed out after the first inspections and first analyzes. And now here is this environmental disaster,
with hundreds of carp and eels found dead in the last few days. Arpat has already intervened in the country to understand the causes of this death of fish, perhaps another consequence of the flood that has already caused casualties and devastation in some neighborhoods of our city.
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Mass die off of fish in the Sakarya River, Turkey

Hundreds of fish in the Sakarya River passing through Geyve Alifutapaşa Quarter struck the water as water. Sakarya Governorate Provincial Directorate of Environment and Urbanism, who came to the region on behalf of the citizens who saw the fish, took the samples from the Sakarya River and sent them to the laboratory for examination.
Examination of the samples will determine the cause of the ending fish deaths. Geyve Municipality speakers warning the citizens of the Sakarya River stating that it may be dangerous to pick up and eat dead fish.
Measures taken by the Provincial Directorate of Environment in the Sakarya River revealed that fish deaths from Pamukova Gökgöz Quarter to Geyve Alifuatpaşa Quarter were encountered and the oxygen ratio in the river was low. Pamukova Mekece District in the Sakarya River due to water impoundment at the threshold of the water level has been said to fall too far.
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Hundreds of fish have died in a lake in Ohio, USA

The Ohio Department of Natural Resources and the Pennsylvania Fish and Boating Commission are investigating why carp are dying at Pymatuning Lake.
Mark Broughton, Ohio’s Pymatuning Park manager, said the fish kill at Pymatuning is lake-wide and about 200 carp have died.
A WKBN 27 First News producer was boating on the lake and saw several dead fish over the weekend. They were floating on the lake and washed up on shore.
Broughton said at this time, it is unknown what caused the death of the carp, but samples of the fish were taken and sent for testing.
Pymatuning Lake is split by the Ohio/Pennsylvania State line, and officials in both states are working jointly on the issue.
They first noticed the dead carp on the beach on August 29, according to the park’s operation manager in Pennsylvania, Dan Bickel.
Bickel said this is a significant fish kill for carp.
“It does look to be specific to the carp species. We’ve done an extensive survey, we didn’t see any other species impacted by this, nor do we believe there is any human health hazard at the current time.”
There are currently no swimming or fishing restrictions at the lake. Bickel added that the spillway where people go to feed the carp is not affected.
Bickel said they test the water twice a week in the summer and if there were ever any harmful bacteria to humans, the media would be notified.
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201 whales and dolphins have washed up this year, ‘record breaking number’, in Ireland

whale dolphin strandings ireland 2017
(Credit Jochen Duerr)
2017 has been another record-breaking year for whale and dolphin strandings.
By 31st August there had already been 201 validated strandings logged – a massive 30% increase compared to the previous two years, according to the Irish Whale and Dolphin Group (IWDG).
The number of dead common dolphins recorded this year has been very high with 78 recorded since the end of August, accounting for 39% of all strandings. In the last seven years the numbers of dead common dolphins washing ashore in late winter/spring has become usually high. The true extent of the dolphin deaths are unknown with many going unrecorded as only a small number are washed ashore whiled others aren’t identifiable.
The IWDG has been working with the Marine Institute, National Parks and Wildlife Service and the Department of Agriculture on a post-mortem scheme to better understand what is causing the death of these cetaceans.
There are any number of causes including pollution, disease and natural death but another possible cause is fisheries bycatch – where dolphins are the unintended target of fishing boats.
Often dolphins that have washed up on shore there has been the tell-tale laceration marks of having been caught in a net.
Irish waters were the first in Europe to be made a whale and dolphin sanctuary in 1991 but since then more than 1,000 suspect cetacean strandings have occurred.
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15+ dead turtles found on beaches in Carazo, Nicaragua

At least 15 dead turtles of the Paslama and Amarilla species found inhabitants of La Boquita and Masapa on the shores of the beaches of Carazo, which they had to bury immediately, to avoid the bad smell.
According to Carlos Ernesto González, owner of a restaurant near La Boquita beach, he said that the death of these turtles is due to the fact that the fishermen in the area are using “rasmaleros trasmallos” (large fishing net).
“This is not common in the area, what happens is that the fishermen are using a larger and thicker type of trammel, which causes the turtles to get entangled and these animals can not stay long underwater, they leave to the surface to take air and then go back to submerge, “said Gonzalez.
For her part Luz Elena Parrales, said that her father helped to bury the turtles and called on the fishermen and the population to take care of these species that are in danger of extinction.
“It’s hard to see so many dead turtles, my dad went there burying on the same coast, the fishermen should be aware, because those gills are only used to take out the bigger fish, but the turtles can not escape with that thick trammel”, Parrales added.
According to the locals so far, no institution has come forward to coordinate any action for the protection of this species, however they went to the tourist office located in La Boquita, but it was closed.
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Depth: 4 km

Distances: 959 km S of Calgary, Canada / pop: 1,020,000 / local time: 15:19:45.1 2017-11-01
208 km N of Salt Lake City, United States / pop: 187,000 / local time: 15:19:45.1 2017-11-01
13 km SE of Soda Springs, United States / pop: 3,100 / local time: 15:19:45.1 2017-11-01


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Depth: 11 km

Distances: 186 km N of Douglas, Isle of Man / pop: 26,300 / local time: 20:59:22.8 2017-11-01
135 km W of Edinburgh, United Kingdom / pop: 436,000 / local time: 20:59:22.8 2017-11-01
33 km S of Lochgilphead, United Kingdom / pop: 2,300 / local time: 20:59:22.8 2017-11-01
14 km SE of Tarbert, United Kingdom / pop: 1,400 / local time: 20:59:22.8 2017-11-01

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Depth: 9 km

Distances: 960 km S of Calgary, Canada / pop: 1,020,000 / local time: 11:24:26.7 2017-11-01
209 km N of Salt Lake City, United States / pop: 187,000 / local time: 11:24:26.7 2017-11-01
14 km E of Soda Springs, United States / pop: 3,100 / local time: 11:24:26.7 2017-11-01


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