15+ dead turtles found on beaches in Carazo, Nicaragua

At least 15 dead turtles of the Paslama and Amarilla species found inhabitants of La Boquita and Masapa on the shores of the beaches of Carazo, which they had to bury immediately, to avoid the bad smell.
According to Carlos Ernesto González, owner of a restaurant near La Boquita beach, he said that the death of these turtles is due to the fact that the fishermen in the area are using “rasmaleros trasmallos” (large fishing net).
“This is not common in the area, what happens is that the fishermen are using a larger and thicker type of trammel, which causes the turtles to get entangled and these animals can not stay long underwater, they leave to the surface to take air and then go back to submerge, “said Gonzalez.
For her part Luz Elena Parrales, said that her father helped to bury the turtles and called on the fishermen and the population to take care of these species that are in danger of extinction.
“It’s hard to see so many dead turtles, my dad went there burying on the same coast, the fishermen should be aware, because those gills are only used to take out the bigger fish, but the turtles can not escape with that thick trammel”, Parrales added.
According to the locals so far, no institution has come forward to coordinate any action for the protection of this species, however they went to the tourist office located in La Boquita, but it was closed.
Courtesy of radiolaprimerisima.com

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