Hundreds of dead fish found in the waters of Livorno, Italy

Carp, mullet, eels: there are hundreds that float without water on the water or end up on the shore. And they would also have died of herons, as the residents of the area who have found themselves in scary scenes in recent days. “Something I’ve ever seen,” they explain. This is what is happening on the Fossa Chiara, the watercourse linked to the Arnaccio, which is within the territory of Pisa, but is at the ponds of Pond and flows into the Sculmatore. A dying, a real environmental disaster. And in the air, a bad smell that makes it difficult for the inhabitants of the area around that river bowl to keep the windows open.
This is the other face of the flood that hit and devastated our city eight days ago, also touching the fraction of Pond. The cause could be to look into the disastrous nubium that also involved the northern area of ​​the city, where the Eni refinery is located, which has been closed as a result of flooding. There was also a tidal wave of heavy hydrocarbons in the Ugrian torrent and probably in other areas of the river, with black oil stains photographed by so many people who then reported the case: it does not seem to be, anyway, a link between this outbreak and the death of the fish in the Carnation.
From Arpat, which would be alerted to by residents of the area, official confirmation does not come, but residents say they have talked with regional regional experts and have known that “too low a level of oxygen in the water. ” No communication either from the Ulysses Tuscany northwest, while the technicians of the Collesalvetti Municipality were not informed of what happened because we are in the territory of Pisa.
“After the flood and the resulting chaos between the houses and the streets – explain some people who live near the Fossa Chiara – we cleaned the area and along the banks we found the first dead fish, possibly contaminated. And around there were carcasses of some herons. Then there was an unbearable smell … ” A stench of oil linked to water stagnation within the Eni refinery, as the Arpat had immediately pointed out after the first inspections and first analyzes. And now here is this environmental disaster,
with hundreds of carp and eels found dead in the last few days. Arpat has already intervened in the country to understand the causes of this death of fish, perhaps another consequence of the flood that has already caused casualties and devastation in some neighborhoods of our city.
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