Hundreds of fish have died in a lake in Ohio, USA

The Ohio Department of Natural Resources and the Pennsylvania Fish and Boating Commission are investigating why carp are dying at Pymatuning Lake.
Mark Broughton, Ohio’s Pymatuning Park manager, said the fish kill at Pymatuning is lake-wide and about 200 carp have died.
A WKBN 27 First News producer was boating on the lake and saw several dead fish over the weekend. They were floating on the lake and washed up on shore.
Broughton said at this time, it is unknown what caused the death of the carp, but samples of the fish were taken and sent for testing.
Pymatuning Lake is split by the Ohio/Pennsylvania State line, and officials in both states are working jointly on the issue.
They first noticed the dead carp on the beach on August 29, according to the park’s operation manager in Pennsylvania, Dan Bickel.
Bickel said this is a significant fish kill for carp.
“It does look to be specific to the carp species. We’ve done an extensive survey, we didn’t see any other species impacted by this, nor do we believe there is any human health hazard at the current time.”
There are currently no swimming or fishing restrictions at the lake. Bickel added that the spillway where people go to feed the carp is not affected.
Bickel said they test the water twice a week in the summer and if there were ever any harmful bacteria to humans, the media would be notified.
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