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Huge tsunami could wipe out asia: man with ‘sixth sense’ predicts devastating earthquake


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Depth: 10 km

Distances: 960 km S of Calgary, Canada / pop: 1,020,000 / local time: 12:58:11.0 2017-11-05
208 km N of Salt Lake City, United States / pop: 187,000 / local time: 12:58:11.0 2017-11-05
14 km SE of Soda Springs, United States / pop: 3,100 / local time: 12:58:11.0 2017-11-05


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2 MILLION chickens dead in Aibonito, Puerto Rico

Un pollo camina entre aves muertas en una finca en Aibonito luego del paso por la isla del  Huracán María. (horizontal-x3)
Photo By AP / Gerald Herbert
No flowers, no poultry industry and now, moreover, without food.
That was today the situation of the municipality of Aibonito, where Mayor William Alicea Pérez, fears in particular by the lack of supplies in the school Doctor José N. Gandara which remain 40 refugees.
Meanwhile, the Mennonite Hospital which is almost like the mountain Medical Center, works at a small fraction of its capacity due to the lack of diesel for their power plants.
“The village is devastated completely. In principle we had preliminary numbers by travels… However, yesterday we started to gather information and a number of preliminary 1,000 to 1,500 and unafraid to make mistakes, now I understand that we must be close to 3,000 homes impacted total and partially”, explained the official.
He said that the situation in the refuge is critical because during the passage of Hurricane Maria had more than 100 refugees. Although that amount was reduced already they don’t how to feed to those who remain. However, their hope is that they must not have problems entering not late to get help since they could enable all main access including the scenic and PR-1 and trucks with supplies.
“People in the Catholic Church and the Center steps are providing us food limited and urge family members to reach the refuge to be able to reach us for support,” said at the time that called for fast-food restaurants to that mobilize as soon as possible and open businesses.
“If they need assistance from the municipality to collect lost products we are in the best position and they in turn be contacts with its distribution centers that bring them new food and begin its operations is something we need” He said.
On the other hand, he said that the rich-To company facilities were devastated in its entirety. Yesterday Monday agreed personal UFDA in the village and the Secretary of agriculture said that today a team is was heading to farms to make due almost a million burial 800,000 chickens.
“But be careful that they have not reached the two million… Chickens must be confiscated and buried. It is a big loss, not only our people but of all Puerto Rico and this will cause the subsequent effects of this event by the destruction of the farms. We will take time to lift them. Required a million-dollar investment because they are structures that must comply with a well precise construction standards for safety”, he explained.
Although he was confident that that process is already under way and should conclude this week, he said that any delay in the confiscation and burial would create a terrible health problem.
Meanwhile, it pointed out that in same State of devastation are farms of ornamental plants and Easter.
“Now in the month of October and November the sale of Easter began already and they were completely devastated. It is a very difficult situation. Orchids and other ornamental which are distributed at the island level and all was lost and what that wraps between direct and indirect jobs are impacted,”he said.
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14 dead dolphins on the west coast in ten days in Marbella, Spain

The image is repeated every year, especially in summer. Bathers attend astonished the presence of a dolphin on the shore of the beach. Sometimes and thanks to the rapid intervention of individuals, municipalities and professionals of the Aula del Mar in Malaga, the animal is saved and can return to the sea in a short time. In others, it is already too late and he dies on the beach or is even found lifeless floating in the sea. The phenomenon is not new, but the professionals of the Marine Species Recovery Center threatened (CREMA) of the Aula del Mar have alerted them to the high number of cases registered in a short period of time, just a few weeks, in the stretch from the coast from Manilva to Marbella-Mijas.
And this happens, paradoxically, in a year characterized so far by an exceptionally low number of animals rescued. So far, 45 animals, when the average in Malaga ranges between 70 and 100 animals each year. «The period between August and September is usually the most intense in terms of records» from the Aula del Mar, «since it coincides with the end of summer, weaning and birth of young dolphins, especially common and striped dolphins, the most abundant in these waters », they point out.
Although the professionals speak of a “natural phenomenon”, they also point out that such a concentration of dead animals in such a short space of time deserves a follow-up and study.
Once the individuals or beach guards identify the presence of one of these animals, notice is given both to the municipal authorities and to the CREMA technicians. At the municipal level, the Health and Beaches areas are the first to intervene. The councilor responsible for the latter, Manuel Cardeña, shares the concern with this phenomenon and points to a situation of “overpopulation” of dolphins in the coast of Malaga, who are increasingly coming to the shore to look for food, which translates into Strandings
Climate change is no stranger either. And as experts from the Oceanographic Center, the Union for the Conservation of Nature (UICN), the Aula del Mar and the Junta de Andalucía have highlighted, the rise in water temperature is felt in the area, which it is related to a reduction in fishing; the proliferation of invasive species and others, such as jellyfish; and the risk of stranding of cetaceans, among others.
Special mention deserves, as pointed out in his report by the veterinarian of the Aula del Mar, the contamination by toxic substances and the presence of plastics in the marine environment, being these the most damaging effects that we cause in this environment. In this sense, pollution by plastic, he says, is taking “special relevance” since it produces “toxins released by the sea, small pieces of plastic that can be ingested by all animals and large pieces of plastic that can cause suffocation or strangulation in different species ».
Throughout the history of the records made by the Center for the Recovery of Threatened Marine Species “whales, dolphins and turtles have been found affected in some way or another by the presence of plastics in the sea.”
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Nearly 1,000 Deer Dead From Virus That Causes Internal Bleeding In Pennsylvania, USA

Deer in Western Pennsylvania are dying by the hundreds, and officials say there’s nothing they can do to stop it.
When Sally Meyers looked out her O’Hara Township kitchen window Wednesday, she noticed an unusual number of deer in her backyard.
She didn’t think anything more about until, she said, “I let my dog out I saw something looked to me like a dog and checked it out and it was a deer.”
The deer was lying on its side next to the patio furniture, dead.
“It’s right next to our patio furniture a few feet from our kitchen window, which is really unusual,” Sally’s husband, Mike Powell, said.
Deer dying in unusual places has become the recent norm in Western Pennsylvania. Game Commission Conservation officer Dan Puhala took one look at the deer in O’Hara Township and knew what killed the otherwise healthy looking animal. Epizootic Hemorrhagic Disease – EHD – which is a disease the deer get from being bitten by a midge fly.
Puhala says once bitten, the deer’s circulatory system is attacked and it begins to hemorrhage internally throughout its body. Puhala says the deer often die in just a few days in or near water.
“One of the symptoms of the disease is a real high fever,” he said. “So we think they are dehydrated or they are trying to cool themselves down.”
This latest outbreak of EHD was first noticed in Beaver County in August. It has since spread to Washington County and Puhala says northern Allegheny County — Wexford, Marshall Township, Pine Richland, West Deer, and most recently Indiana Township and O’Hara.
In North Park, which has one of the highest population of deer in the county, Naturalist Meg Scanlon says EHD is really taking a toll.
“We find or smell dead deer, on a daily basis. New dead deer,” she said. “At least five a week since late August.”
It is important to point out “there is no known threat to humans or kids or even pets,” says Puhala. The virus only impacts deer and elk.
Puhala says EHD has claimed about 1,000 deer in the region so far.
“Regrettably I have to tell people we’re probably going to find a lot more deer before it’s over,” he said.
The calls to the Game Commission about suspected cases of EHD are coming in daily.
Discovering multiple dead deer in a single location is not unusual. With pockets of EHD deaths throughout the area, Puhala says the upcoming hunting season could be impacted.
“There may be certain areas where people might notice a pretty substantial decrease in the deer numbers this year,” he said.
He adds anyone hunting and killing a deer suffering from EHD will realize it as soon as they field dress the animal. While he doesn’t think there is a concern about the meat, he doubts it will be any good.
The EHD issue and the growing numbers of deaths will continue until the midge flies are gone Puhala says, “the thing that kills the midge flies is a good hard frost.”
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47th dead dolphin found on Gulf Coast, USA

Nearly 50 dolphins have washed up dead on the Gulf Coast this year. That number is concerning scientists at the Institute for Marine Mammal Studies.
The 47th dead dolphin was found this morning east of Fort Maurepas Pier in Ocean Springs. According to the Institute for Marine Mammal Studies, the female dolphin that died weighs about 340 pounds, measuring over seven feet long.
The institute has also counted 52 dead sea turtles this year. Marine experts say the cause may be due to environmental changes. Dr. Moby Solangi said, “We’ve had a lot of rainfall in June and elsewhere, a lot of freshwater coming in. We’ve had some of these hurricanes that have disrupted the habitat and then we have this huge dead zone at the mouth of the Mississippi River which is the largest in the history.”
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Depth: 2 km

Distances: 191 km SW of Bern, Switzerland / pop: 122,000 / local time: 18:56:48.3 2017-11-05
82 km SW of Aosta, Italy / pop: 34,100 / local time: 18:56:48.3 2017-11-05
40 km SE of Chambéry, France / pop: 61,700 / local time: 18:56:48.3 2017-11-05
8 km NE of La Chambre, France / pop: 1,300 / local time: 18:56:48.3 2017-11-05

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