Hundreds of dead fish wash ashore in Mersin, Turkey

In the District of Silifke hundreds of fish washed ashore. Fish deaths that occurred in the neighborhood of sand citizens worried.
The reason is yet unknown reason on the beach in the death of hundreds of fish concerned citizens saw the incident.
To inform the citizens with the Silifke Police Department came to the scene district of food, agriculture and animal husbandry Department engineers and District Health Directorate teams review. Engineers, suppliers of fish dead fish taking water samples with the sample to make the necessary determinations, and to investigate the cause of the laboratories said they were sending.
The first one to see the fish that hit the coastal edge of the Ande, “we came to the beach to swim in the morning. Hundreds of fish were surprised at the sight of the shore. We are very concerned about this situation. We encounter something like this before. I have no idea why these fish died, “he said.
The dead fish that struck the edge of the beach in Silifke death official statement yet from authoritative to the mouth yet.
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