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Thousands of fish die in a fish farm in Mukomuko, Indonesia

Officials of the Marine and Fisheries Office of Mukomuko Regency, Bengkulu Province said at least 7,000 fish in a floating net cage belonging to farmers at the estuary of Bandar Ratu urban village, Kota Mukomuko sub-district has died suddenly since last week.
“Fishery net cage net that died suddenly in general tilapia fish ready for harvest,” said Head of Fisheries and Fisheries Fisheries Department (DKP) Mukomuko Azbas Regency, in Mukomuko, Tuesday (24/10/2017), quoted by Antara .
He mentioned, as many as 7,000 tilapia fish or about 700 kilograms of farmer cage fish was found dead suddenly gradually since last Tuesday until now. As a result of this incident, farmers keramba floating net in the region suffered losses reaching tens of millions of rupiah.
“Thousands of tilapia that died suddenly was ready to harvest with the calculation of 10 fish per kilogram with the price of Rp25.000 per kg,” he said.
He said, based on temporary observations, the cause of thousands of tilapia died suddenly suspected due to disease “Tilavia Lake Virus” or Tilvia.
He suspected that the fish was attacked by the disease based on the characteristics of the body of black fish, the erosion of the thread, the swelling of the abdominal cavity, eyes swelling and cataracts. In addition, he said, before the sudden death , thousands of fish are seen swimming in a zig-zag.
To find out more why thousands of fish keramba died suddenly, he said, his institution will coordinate with Bengkulu Province Fisheries Quarantine Agency.
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Schools of dead fish wash up in Malabar Bay, Sydney, Australia

A BEACH in Sydney’s eastern suburbs has been closed as a precautionary measure after schools of dead fish washed up this morning leaving thousands of carcasses rotting in the warm water.
When The Southern Courier inspected Malabar Beach this morning, dead fish were strewn across the sand, rocks and in the ocean pool.
The NSW Environmental Protection Agency has confirmed it has collected samples of both the fish and water in response to the scale of the problem.
“These will be sent for laboratory testing to determine the cause of death,” a NSW EPA spokeswoman said.
UNSW water quality expert Stuart Khan said among the possible explanations was a possible leak from the nearby sewage treatment plant, an illegal dumping or the latest wet weather event.
Sydney Water has since confirmed there have been no recent incidents at the Malabar Wastewater Treatment Plant.
“It could be a poison or the result of a build up of organic matter,” Professor Khan said.
“If you have a very dry period you get a lot of build up and then a big weather event washes all that organic matter into the stormwater network,” he said.
Subsequent warmer weather then leads to biodegradation which causes oxygen depletion in the water.
“It’s called a black water event,” he said.
“We’ve had the perfect circumstances for that event. It’s a well known phenomenon in rivers but it’s not so common in a marine environment — but Malabar is unusual as it’s a very enclosed bay.”
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10,000 birds dead due to bird flu in Dobric, Bulgaria

Bulgaria has reported two outbreaks of the highly pathogenic H5 bird flu virus, the Paris-based World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE) said on Monday.
One outbreak occurred on a farm in the village of Stefanovo in the northeastern region of Dobric. The virus killed 418 birds while the rest of the 10,000-strong flock were slaughtered, the OIE said, citing a report from the Bulgarian agriculture ministry.
The other outbreak was discovered in a backyard in Uzundzhovo in the southern region of Haskovo, where 84 birds died of the virus and the other 64 on site were slaughtered, the report said.
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Depth: 10 km

Distances: 360 km NE of Nuku‘alofa, Tonga / pop: 22,400 / local time: 08:44:10.8 2017-11-15
169 km E of Neiafu, Tonga / pop: 4,400 / local time: 08:44:10.8 2017-11-15

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Depth: 603 km

Distances: 374 km E of Suva, Fiji / pop: 77,400 / local time: 23:50:06.2 2017-11-14
334 km SE of Lambasa, Fiji / pop: 24,200 / local time: 23:50:06.2 2017-11-14

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Depth: 8 km

Distances: 187 km N of Monaco, Monaco / pop: 33,000 / local time: 17:16:56.6 2017-11-14
77 km SW of Aosta, Italy / pop: 34,100 / local time: 17:16:56.6 2017-11-14
57 km SE of Chambéry, France / pop: 61,700 / local time: 17:16:56.6 2017-11-14
10 km SE of Saint-Martin-de-Belleville, France / pop: 3,300 / local time: 17:16:56.6 2017-11-14

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