Massive die off of sardines washes ashore in Ensenada, Mexico

Hallazgo de sardinas muertas en la playa de Ensenada, BC
The Attorney for Federal protection to the environment (Profepa) attended the discovery of copies of sardine Monterrey (Sardinops sagax), who were dead and in a State of decomposition, in waters and beaches of Ensenada, Baja California.
In a statement, the Pofepa reported that this dependence inspectors attended the report citizen, as well as to information disseminated through social networks, in which reference was made to the “massive” presence of specimens of fish deaths along the Beach known as ‘The Pavilion’ in Ensenada.
In response, Profepa in the entity staff went to the site to corroborate the facts, where they found in a strip of coastline of thousand 250 meters in length and a width of 0.5 meters, copies of dead fish, which to be reviewed were identified as Sardinops sagax or as commonly referred to sardine Monterrey.
Likewise, inspectors made several tours in the area of Beach, with the purpose of detecting contaminants, evidence of the presence of fuels, chemicals, or presence of red tide that could have given rise to the death of These bodies, however, not found any cause.
Continuing with the diligence of research, were interviews with ejidatarios and settled in the place, who said that hours before had detected the presence of fish dead at the site, were observed two boats in the site, that it possibly performed catch or fishing of sardine and anchovy.
Therefore, Profepa performed a consultation in the satellite tracking of vessels (SISMEP) system of the National Committee on fisheries (Conapesca), noting that indeed, the day in which arose the presence of dead fish, two were located “sardineras” boats.
These vessels, pointed out, were possibly carrying out maneuvers of catch of sardines a short distance from the site of the event.
To rule out the existence of contaminants at the site or traces of them in dead organisms, a hypothesis that has been set is that one or two boats had an error of calculation or maneuver to load the marine product.
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