Thousands of dead fish appear in a river in Murcia, Spain

Fish Kill Alert
The conservation and heritage association in Murcia (HUERMUR) has made an urgent report to the Guardia Civil and the relevant water authorities about the sudden appearance of high numbers of dead fish surrounded by foam.
Locals noticed the increased numbers as they walked by the river along the Manterola promenade.
“There are thousands of dead fish!” exclaimed one resident, and was among many who were questioning how they managed to end up in that state and in that section of the River Segura.
Another local described the scene as a “disaster.”
As seen on the HUERMUR Twitter account: “It’s the same old story with the River Segura. Every time it rains, there is foam and dead fish. We will be reporting the situation.”
One of the explanations offered for the amount of foam build-up is due to the effect of the rain, and the water authority (CHS) always points out that this is the case.
However, when there was a similar scenario in August, the CHS took a number of water samples for analysis to establish if there was another underlying reason and new samples have been taken following the latest episodes.
Previous tests failed to detect any pollutants that may have caused the earlier build up of foam and dead fish, and this prompted the authorities to get to the bottom of this mystery which HUERMUR indicates is happening far too often.
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