Thousands of fish have died in Dubasipalya Lake, Bengaluru, India

Fish Kill Alert
Thousands of fish were found dead in Dubasipalya Lake near Kengeri Satellite Town in Bengaluru on Wednesday. Residents blamed the pollution in the lake for it.Residents, who hit the lake’s periphery for a morning walk, have been seeing fish die in hundreds and since Monday. It has only worsened, they said.
Jagadish Gowda, a resident who goes for a walk near the lake regularly, said that this began ever since the city received heavy rainfall. When Bengaluru received heavy downpour in October, this was one of the worst-affected lakes. Having filled to its brim, the lake overflowed leaving a KSRTC bus stop inundated.
“We have been seeing dead fish in the lake. We fear that sewage water is being let into the lake and this is the reason behind the death of fish. There is official apathy when it comes to maintenance. Even the weeds are not being removed on a regular basis. All these could be contributing factors,” said another resident.
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